Health Fair, Self Care for Pallium India staff

The concept was simple enough: provide the staff with a measurement of their height, weight, blood pressure, and if they could manage the needle poke, a random blood glucose.

The India Winterim Pain and Palliative Care section students commandeered some tables and blood pressure cuffs. For two Fridays in a row, the staff seemed to enjoy being the patients after all their care of patients during the week.

It was a little puzzling for staff at first that we simply wanted to give them this information for their own health. Each staff member got a card to put in a purse or wallet.

We found some measurements that needed action and we encouraged those staff members to go and get checked out with a doctor.

We also did not realize how painful the needle poke was for random blood glucose. Ian Wallace, now famous on social media for his contributions to Pallium’s healing garden, was clear about how much pain we inflicted.

The Iowa team was thrilled with the humor, fun and good-hearted participation in the first Pallium staff health fair. We hope to keep you all healthy in the years to come.


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