Nurses rock!


The author, Taylr, after the 3 hour hike to Ponmudi

Today was the third day of home visits, and I went back to the same city that I went to on the first day. It was nice to go back because I started to recognize places I had seen before, which made me feel more comfortable. We were shadowing a nurse instead of a doctor, so it was nice to also see what roles a nurse plays in India compared to America. We saw five patients that I did not see the first day that I went, which helped me to understand just how many people can be under Pallium’s care in a single city alone.

We saw five patients, two of which were first time patients. The nurse that we followed, named Anu, was very kind to the people that she was caring for. She listened intently and took time to consider everything that the patient was describing to her. I really admire this in Anu because passion and empathy are two important factors in considering the quality of a nurse. I hope to one day be able to show that kind of care to my future patients.

Since we did not have a doctor present, most of today was just simple checkups and refilling medications. I enjoyed having the simplicity because it gave me more time to focus on patients outside of a medical aspect. We met an elderly lady who lived at the top of a steep hill with her two granddaughters and their parents. She was being treated for breast cancer and a shocking type of pain around the right knee joint. Immediately after we entered the house we were given a place to sit, and handed lemonade to drink. We didn’t drink the lemonade due to it probably being made with the tap water, but I was honored that these people would choose to use their limited resources on us. Another patient we visited was being treated under the diagnosis of old age, and despite her complaints of nausea and trouble sleeping, she found time to joke around with us and laugh, which was one of the liveliest and down to earth laughs I’ve ever heard.

Although we didn’t see much medical treatment outside of blood pressures and blood glucose testing, I thought today was a very educational day regarding the more holistic side of nursing. I was very glad I had the chance to really focus on caretaking in a sense not often seen.


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