Oh jet lag…

The students in the program need to write a short essay about their physical sensations during jet lag.  I smiled when the first 2 essays arrived at 5:30 this morning.  I was wide awake too.  They described the lack of concentration and irritability, and not feeling in control of their body’s schedule. (They had been up for 2 hours).  Years ago, my sister-in-law mentioned that jet lag was the best approximation that healthy people could have of the fog that cancer patients have during chemotherapy.  We thought it would make a good reflection topic.

The essay authors, Janice and Alex, were up and ready to go on a walk at 6:30 this morning. We went to the large city park that houses the zoo and the art museums. The park has a large circular drive where every morning, hundreds of Malayalis walk and run.  We figured out to walk on the left hand side after a time.


And then off we went to Pallium India headquarters at the Arumana Hospital for classes in pain and communication.

We heard that 80% of the world’s population and 99% of Indians have no access to opiate pain relief. (Kaley and Sam were assigned the life time job of changing this inequity in their role as public health experts).  This group quickly caught on that pain is not solely a physical phenomenon.  All pain has an emotional component, and a social impact.  Some pain causes despair or spiritual suffering.  We also introduced a common phenomenon of collusion, where family and health care providers do not share all the medical information with the patient.  All ready for home visits next week!

We finished with a welcome dinner from the Pallium leadership.  Saree and kurti shopping tomorrow for the New Year’s banquet as well as a trip to the beach.



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