Trivandrum, Day #1

We arrived with all our luggage, 30 hours after some of us left downtown Iowa City.


There is nothing better in  the nervousness of international travel than leaving the airport into a crowd of people and hearing “Dr. Ann!”.  Babu, the senior medical social worker and advocacy director for Pallium India had come at 3:30 AM to wait for the arrival of TEAM IOWA.  Some of us went to sleep for a couple of hours (or more) and others just stayed up, showered and explored the city until our class with Manoj, Babu, Arathy and Dr. Rajagopal.

For me, I was reminded that I explore more when I have  students with me.  Somehow they embolden me to do things that I would not do on my own.  It was great fun to return to my adopted city.  Many people on the staff of Pallium and at the hotel have stopped me to talk about “Jo Madam”–the term of respect for Dr. Jo Eland, my senior colleague on this trip who died earlier this year.

The students explored the city with step counters (over 9,000 steps on no sleep), maps and a scavenger hunt list.  Some of us had lunch on the hotel roof top where there are breezes and views.

I am not complaining about the heat and humidity…yet.

Greetings to you all.


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