Sindhu is a mother of one who fell into a well about 7 years ago and developed weakness in the lower extremities. She had tried using arm crutches but found it was not functional for the distances and given her need to have free hands to do her housework. Amazingly, due to the work of a volunteer physiatrist (rehab doctor) and his colleagues, her kitchen and bedroom has been adapted to her use.


Sindhu at her wood stove

Until recently, this was her wheelchair:


Due to the generosity of Vince Wolrab and Jason at JVA Mobility (this link will allow you to thank them), Sindhu received a narrow manual wheelchair with removable arm rests and foot rests, and a seat cushion that will certainly make a difference to prevent a pressure sore. (She has already healed one already). Here is the first transfer with an extra hoist to get over the back wheel:
Here is Sindhu saying thank you (pronounced na-KNEE) in Malayalam and in English:


Guess who tried NOT to cry when she blew me a kiss at the doorway.

And thank you to Sr. Aswathy for sitting in the way back of the van with the wheelchair and the suitcases full of supplies.


And here is your moment of Zen:



7 thoughts on “Sindhu

  1. Dear Ann:
    Hello from Iowa! So exciting to see your work and celebrations in India. Many blessings on you and all whom you are able to touch. The sunset is breathtaking and Sindhu’s smile equals such beauty.
    Mary Kay

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